General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Who among the following business people was recently in news for buying the colonial "East India Company" as the company has been relaunched in London this February?

2. What was the size of the latest acquisition deal by Indian Telco, Bharti Airtel which entered into a legally binding definitive agreement with Zain Group to acquire Zain Africa BV ?

3. As per the latest Economic survey, India has become world's 10th largest gold-holding country as recently government's purchase of 200 tones of gold from the International Monetary Fund took its total reserves to 557.7 tones. What fraction (approximately) of India's Total Foreign Exchange Reserves was this 557.7 tones of Gold?

4. How many foreign instruments were hosted in India's Maiden Mission to Moon Chandrayan -I ?

5. Which of the following countries has won maximum number of all medals combinely in the recently held 2010 Winter Olympics ?

6. For which of the following sports would be organized Grand Club Championship from April 4, 2010 in India?

7. Which of the following country recently came out with a decision to create a "Mother Earth Ministry" ?

8. Recently we read in the newspapers that Leonid Tyagachyov head of this country's Olympic Committee, resigned after the nation's worst performance in the history of the Winter Olympic Games at the 2010 event in Vancouver. Which country?

9. Prior to the recently prohibition on FDI in manufacturing of 'Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes, of tobacco or of tobacco substitutes' in India, what was the ceiling on FDI in the said products?

10. Recently we read in the news papers that India and Saudi Arabia have signed 'Riyadh Declaration' with a resolve to raise their cooperation to strategic partnership covering security, economic, defense and political areas. This has been considered as a step ahead to Delhi Declaration signed between these two countries in which of the following years?

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