General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Recently Agni III was tested successfully for the fourth time from Wheelers Island in Orissa on February 7, 2010. Which among the following describes Agni III?

2. As per the fifth annual Millward Brown Optimor BrandZ Top100 Most Valuable Global Brands of 2010, what is the value of Google, the number 1 brand of the world?

3. Which of the following groups represents world's largest energy producers as well as largest energy consumers?

4. For which of the following sports would be organized Grand Club Championship from April 4, 2010 in India?

5. What was the size of the latest acquisition deal by Indian Telco, Bharti Airtel which entered into a legally binding definitive agreement with Zain Group to acquire Zain Africa BV ?

6. Which month is observed as National Poetry Month in USA and Canada?

7. In which country was recently discovered an species of early human ancestor called Australopithecus sediba ?

8. Which of the following Indian Company is known as the originator of the term 'the flat world'?

9. In context with the Vancouver Olympics , who among the following has become Canada's first ever Olympic gold medal winner on home soil?

10. Bring out the incorrectly matched pair:

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  • Batsmen Who Slapped Most Sixes in ODI Cricket

    AB de Villiers and South Africa

    De Villiers, The South African cricketer, who captains the South African One Day International (ODI) team is at No. 9. Widely regarded as the best batsman in the world at present, De Villiers slapped 155 sixes in 184 matches and 177 innings and hit an exceptional number of fours as well 699. He maintained a strike rate of 98.64 and average of 52.90.

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