General Awareness - August 2002 - Test -02

1. Mangrove forests are found in:

2. Who assumed the title "Devanampiya Priyadarshi"?

3. According to the survey conducted by the Economic Times, which of the following is the cheapest city to live in ?

4. The book, 'On the origin of species by means of Natural Selection' was written by:

5. Nagarjunasagar Multipurpose Project uses the water of:

6. Who among the following was not on the list of recipient of 'Bharat Ratna' in 1999?.

7. The highest award of gallantry is:

8. Which of the following courts is responsible for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights?

9. Which country has offered to mediate in the conflict between the LTTE and the Government of Sri Lanka?

10. German silver is an alloy of:

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