General Awareness - August 2002 - Test -03

1. The velocity of sound is more in:

2. No person can be employed in factories or mines unless he is above the age of:

3. Assertion (A): A black hole is an astronomical entity that cannot be seen by telescope.
Reason (R) : The gravitational field on a black hole is so strong that it does not allow even light to escape.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

4. Who introduced "Kabuliyat and Patta"?

5. The highest wicket-taker in one-day international cricket is:

6. The coniferous forests are not found in:

7. The concept of mixed economv means:

8. Who said, 'Man is a Social Animal'?

9. Right to free education within certain limits is:

10. Assertion : The Green Belt represents a planning concept for controlling the physical expansion of large cities.
Reason (R) : It is an integral component of a city.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

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    Can I continue with any fertility treatments whilst I apply to adopt

    If you have been undergoing treatment to conceive, we will usually ask that at least six months have elapsed since the last cycle of treatment has finished This request will depend on how long you were in treatment and may vary case by case We know from experience and research that this period after treatment allows for the one chapter to end and another begin It is best that adoption is a positive choice rather than a reactive one to infertility

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