Bank Probationary Officers Examination September 2002 Solved Question Papers Conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), Mumbai

1. Immediately before his resignation, Lionel Jospin was the

2. 'Helpage India', which is getting a grant of about $79,000 from Japan, is an NGO working for the

3. Mr. A. D. Karve who got art international award for his outstandii* discovery is basically a

4. Which of the following was/is being observed as the 'Year of Women Empowerment' in India ?

5. Which of the following has recently joined- the inemberstop, of ASEAN ?

6. Mr. Donald Rumsfeld who was on a visit to India recently is the

7. Which of the following countries has developed the fastest computer of the world which is installed in it's Earth. Simulator Research and Development Centre ?

8. Which of the following is the reason owing to which the Indian Air Force decided to ground MiG-21 aircrafts ?

9. Which of the following is not true about the 'Duleep Trophy' 'finals held recently ?
(A) Final was played between West and East Zones.
(B) West Zone lost th.e match by six wickets.
(C) East Zone won the trophy second time in succession.

10. Which of the following countries is the head of the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change, Geneva ?

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