J & K Combined Services- Competent (Prelims) Exam September 2002 Solved Question Papers

1. The instrument used for recording the earthquake is called

2. Which of the following countries won the 2001 Copa America-the South American Football Championships ?

3. Establishments of which of the following was adorned with new flags and ensigns with effect from August 15, 2001 ?

4. Who among the following is the new Secretary-General of the . Amnesty International, who is the first woman, the first Asian and the first Muslim to head this organisation ?

5. Where are most of the earth's active volcanoes concentrated ?

6. The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian navy in the Arabian Sea, was

7. Which one of the following seas is without a coastline ?

8. MVS-1000 is the name given to

9. Who among the following is the first Indian 1o be elected as Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg ?

10. Who among the, following is the current World junior Chess Champion ?

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