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1. Recently, the first squadron of Tejas aircraft was cleared to enter service in January 2011. Which among the following will be replaced by Tejas in Indian Air force?

2. BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) is a GNU/Linux distribution developed by C-DAC, Chennai in order to benefit the usage of Free/Open Source Software throughout India. From which among the following GNU/ Linux distributions, BOSS has been derived by National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRCFOSS)?

3. Which among the following fulfilled the definition of a "Hermit Kingdom" once upon a time?

4. Consider the following statements in context with the Infrastructure Finance Companies: 1.The Infrastructure Finance Companies are able to finance the infrastructure projects more than 75% of their total assets so thus can do more business.2.The Infrastructure Finance Companies become eligible for issuance of ‘infrastructure bonds’ and for raising funds up to 500 million dollars through external commercial borrowing (ECB) in a year.Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

5. Consider the following reason of arresting and sending Bal Gangadhar Tilak to Mandalay Jail a few months after the Surat Split of 1907? 1. Tilak supported the acts of the revolutionaries by writing in Kesari that there was excess of patriotism at the root of Bomb in Bengal. 2. Tilak had induced the factory workers in Bombay to declare a strikeWhich among the above is/ are correct?

6. In which among the following types comes the Interest Rate Risk?

7. The word "El Niño" comes from which among the following languages?

8. Where are located the famous tourist spots viz. Chatham Saw Mill, Wandoor Beach, Mount Harriet & Limestone Caves?

9. Which among the following programme was started with the assistance of Ford Foundation?

10. Green Climate Fund was proposed in which of the following environment conferences?

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