General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. A serious outbreak of which among the following diseases occurred in South Korea in leading to the culling of hundreds of thousands of pigs by January 2011?

2. In which of the following African country is observed an annual ceremony "Kwita Izina" which involves naming a new born Baby Gorilla? (this country was host of World Environment Day 2010)

3. Consider the following statements in context with the Haj Committee of India:
1. Three Muslim Members of Parliament are nominated as members of Haj Committee of India
2. A minister can not be the chairman of Haj Committee of India
3. The Central Government has right to appoint a Chairman of the Haj Committee of India
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

4. Which among the following country administers "Coco Islands" located in Andaman sea?

5. RBI has 4 Deputy Governors viz. Shymala Gopinath, K C Chakrabarty, Subir Gokarn and Anand Sinha. As per norms, two deputy governors are appointed from within the RBI. Who among the above have been promoted from within RBI?

6. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently raised the interest rate on savings bank deposits and the repo rate by 50 basis points (bps). In this context, consider the following:
1. CASA Ratio
2. Net Interest Margin
Which among the above of the commercial banks would be affected by the above step taken by the Reserve Bank of India?

7. Consider the following statements regarding the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS): 1. The AWACS comes to India under a tripartite agreement between India, Israel and Russia 2. The radar system designed to detect aircraft is procured from Israel while the same system is mounted on a Russian IL-76 aircraft. Which among the above statements is / are correct ?

8. After Wells and Tube wells, which among the following is the largest source of Irrigation in India?

9. Which among the following is the 2010 Word of the Year by American Dialect Society?

10. Consider the following countries:
1. Ireland
2. Greece
3. Portugal
Which among the above have received a bailout in the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis by May 2011?

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