General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. To review and restructure the schemes of which among the following ministries, the Government of India had constituted a Bhaskar Ghose Committee ?

2. From time to time, which among the following body publishes the "Exchange Control Manual" in context with the Foreign Exchange in India?

3. At which of the following conferences, the text of the United Nations charter was finalized among international leaders?

4. "Jungapithia" is the state fish of which among the following states of India?

5. Many a times we read in the newspapers that the Government of India signs DTAA to broaden the scope of article of exchange of information to include exchange of banking information. What does the DTAA refers to here?

6. Which is the largest living bird on Earth?

7. What is the name of the first tri services Joint exercise of Indian Armed Forces conducted in 2009?

8. Which among the following countries has the largest reserves of Natural Gas in the world?

9. A new term Stuxnet, was making news recently. What is Stuxnet ?

10. Where is located the National Biodiversity Authority ?

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    Spectrum of the X rays emitted by an X ray tube with a rhodium target, operated at 60 kV. The smooth, continuous curve is due to bremsstrahlung, and the spikes are characteristic K lines for rhodium atoms. Since X rays are emitted by electrons, they can be generated by an X ray tube, a vacuum tube that uses a high voltage to accelerate the electrons released by a hot cathode to a high velocity. The high velocity electrons collide with a metal target, the anode, creating the X rays.[17] In medical X ray tubes the target is usually tungsten or a more crack resistant alloy of rhenium (5%) and tungsten (95%), but sometimes molybdenum for more specialized applications, such as when softer X rays are needed as in mammography. In crystallography, a copper target is most common, with cobalt often being used when fluorescence from iron content in the sample might otherwise present a problem.

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