General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. The festival Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is commemorates which among the following important event of Sikh History?

2. India's ONGC has set a new record by drilling a oil well to the deepest depth in the world till date. The oil well is located in ________?

3. In 2013, in which among the following countries, a new type of rice called 'Slim Rice' is introduced?

4. Thomas Cup and Uber Cup are associated with which of the following sports?

5. As per the Census Data on 'Female Headed Households' , what percentage of households in India are headed by women?

6. Who among the following has been named as the PGA Tour's Player of the Year?

7. The Leveson Report reviewed the general culture and ethics of the media in which among the following countries?

8. In 2013 (September, 2013),in which of the following cities China launched its first 'Free Trade Zone'?

9. In 2013, Japan became the first country to unravel the mystery of 'Fire ice', unlocking the world's 'next major energy resource'. What is 'Fire Ice' ?

10. The Magyars are an ethnic group native to and primarily associated with which country?

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