General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. What is the name of the Sun observing satellite launched by NASA in 2013?

2. In 2013, the environment ministry has constituted a committee to review how elephant reserves and corridors across the country can get a higher level of legal protection under existing green laws. The committee is headed by ________?

3. Which among the following is the 2013 IMF (International Monetary Fund) forecast for global economic growth ?

4. Which of the following parties has emerged as the leading party in election to Nepal's second constituent assembly?

5. 'Michelle Bachelet' has been in 2013 elected as President of __?

6. In 2013, who among the following has been appointed as National Security Advisor to the United States President ?

7. Consider the following personalities:
1. R S Butola
2. Sudhir Vasudeva
3. B C Tripathi
Which of the following is correctly represents the organisations they represent?

8. Which among the following has in 2013 become the first Indian organisation to be listed on NYSE Euronext London and Paris markets?

9. In 2013, BCCI has been slapped a penalty of Rs. 52.24 crore by SEBI for which among the following reasons?

10. The United Nation has in 2013 declared March 3rd as ________?

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    Strange and unexpected facts await us at every turn in science! If the rotating cardboard disk is painted one third red, one third green, and one third blue, the resulting color is white. While the mixture of the spectral colors produces white, it is not necessary to have all of the spectral colors in order to obtain white; because a mixture of the following colors alone, red, green, and blue, will give white. Moreover, by the mixture of these three colors in proper proportions, any color of the spectrum, such as yellow or indigo or orange, may be obtained. The three spectral colors, red, green, and blue, are called primary or essential hues, because all known tints of color may be produced by the careful blending of blue, green, and red in the proper proportions; for example, purple is obtained by the blending of red and blue, and orange by the blending of red and yellow.

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