General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. The 'Hezbollah' is an Islamic militant group and political party based in __?

2. Retail major 'Auchan', which entered India in 2013 is a company based in:

3. Srishsti Rana, who has in 2013 won Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 crown, hails from which among the following states?

4. The coup d'état in 1988, whose rescue efforts were code-named 'Operation Cactus' by the Indian armed forces, was in which of the following countries?

5. In 2013, which among the following two countries agreed to resume talks on reopening the Kaesong industrial zone?

6. The 'Panch Prayag' which connotes the five sacred river confluences is in the state of ________?

7. Who amongst the following Indians was awarded SAARC Literature Award in 2013?

8. Who among the following has been appointed as Director General, National Disaster Response Force and Civil Defence?

9. Which one of the following state has in 2013 launched 'Mukhyamantri Bijli Bachat Lamp Yojna' for energy conservation?

10. Which of the following nations has won the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) cup 2013?

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    Ring out the bells

    Lets all bring out the bells and ring out to up high in the sky Then into the flying clouds; the frostiest light Upon this year an indefinite dying of the night Bring out the bells and then all will die. As we all will ring out, and then ring in the new Well ring many happy bells, across the crystalline snow The end of the year is going, so let us all let him go Let all of us let go of false, then ring in true. As many must ring out many a grief that soars the mind, That many of those here will see no more For many can feud within the rich and the poor As we all can redress too many of mankind. Many a people can ring out slowly of dying cause Of ancient of forms all party of strife For people of nobler ring out the modes of life As they are all sweetened manners of slight laws. Cast out and ring out the want all of the harmful sin Among all the faithless of undue coldness of all the times; As we ring out, right out of mournful rhymes, Unto all we shall ring all the beauty of minstrel in. Then alas well all ring out shapes of old and all foul disease For Christ will ring out the narrowing of lust and gold In many of old then will ring out a thousand years of hardened wars of old All ye, shall all ring out a thousand years of will full and true peace.

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