General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Which one of the following is the only African state not a member of African Union?

2. Which among the following states in India has highest Child marriage rate?

3. Who among the following has been sworn in as President of Maldives?

4. According to State of Forest Report (2011), which of the following state has the maximum Forest Cover area?

5. As of now, India has independent regulators to control the __:
  • Commodity Exchanges
  • Insurance Market
  • Stock Markets
  • Coal Sector
  • Road Sector
  • Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

    6. Who among the following has been appointed as new United States Defence Secretary?

    7. The 'Kurdistan Workers Party', which is in news in 2013, is associated with which country?

    8. United States Lars Peter Hansen, Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller won the 2013 Nobel Economic Prize for their groundbreaking work on ________?

    9. For development of the infrastructure at panchayat level, which among the following state governments gives Rs. 1 crore as grant to panchayats under its 'Din Dayal Panchayat Raj Infrastructure Development Scheme'?

    10. Rusi Surti, who in 2013 passed away was a former _________ player.

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    Hermal in the Same Direction

    When entering a thermal, turn in the same direction as other pilots already in the thermal. All pilots in a thermal should be circling in the same direction. It is easy to watch other gliders circling in the same direction, but dangerous if there are gliders circling in oposite directions. If I am ever in a thermal and see any glider other than myself circling in the oposite direction, unless there are only two gliders, I will leave the thermal. If I notice another glider circling in the thermal and we are the only two in the thermal. I will switch directions to match the other gliders direction.

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