General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Muzaffer Ali, who has been selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award, is a famous ________?

2. The 'Godavari pushkaram' is a festival of River Godavari which occurs once in ________ years. Fill the blank with correct option?

3. Which among the following is the motto of Commonwealth Games 2014?

4. The Lycodon Odishiiis a new species discovered in 2014 in Odisha is of ________?

5. According to the IMF 's latest world economy outlook, India is poised to become a $2 trillion economy this year. In which year, India is expected to cross $3 trillion milestone as per the same report?

6. The 'InSight' is a NASA's unmanned lander mission designed to probe on the surface of ________?

7. In 2014, which among the following atomic power stations set a world record for continuous operation for 740 days?

8. Who among the following has become the first Indian to receive Harvard Medal?

9. With reference to elections in India, how many delimitation commissions have been set up so far to redraw the boundaries of various assembly and Lokasabha constituencies?

10. Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary, which is only the second sanctuary in the country that is exclusively engaged in the conservation of peacocks, is located in ________?

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