General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Who among the following has become the first woman to chair United Sates Central Bank (Federal Reserve)?

2. In 2014, it was reported in the news that weak monsoon may reduce the Kharif output. Which among the following is not a Kharif crop ?

3. Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is located in ________?

4. Which among the following planets in our solar system is called the Upside Down planet?

5. Who among the following has won the National Billiards Championship 2014?

6. Given below are some dance forms and the states where they are performed. Which is the incorrect pair?

7. Who among the following is the chairman of the Expenditure Management Commission that has been constituted to recommend major expenditure reforms?

8. In 2014 Nasa scientists have found evidence that one of the Saturn's moons harbours a vast ocean of liquid water beneath an icy crust. Which among the following is that moon?

9. The 'Sunil Gangopadhyay Memorial Award' is given for excellence in ________?

10. The share of deposits that banks must maintain in safe and liquid assets such as government securities, is known as ?

General Knowledge

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    Limes and lime juice can be of great importance. Citrus fruits in general have feverreducing qualities, and if the fever is very high, the patients diet should be restricted to lemon juice and water. However, if the fever is mild to moderate, other fruit juices, particularly citrus juices like lime juice, can be administered in order to bring the fever back a manageable level. VitaminC, found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, naturallylowers the temperatureof the body.

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