General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. India's Short Range-Surface to Air Missile (SR-SAM) project is co-development dual venture between India and ________?

2. Who among the following has won the FIFA Ballon d' Or award for 2013?

3. The Mandi Gobindgarh place in Punjab is popular as India's largest ________?

4. In 2014, a new term 'Fragile Five' is being used to describe countries that have witnessed economic turmoil in recent years. Which of the following correctly represent 'Fragile Five' countries?

5. Under its new technique developed by BARC scientists to treat eye cancers, which isotope of Iodine is being used?

6. Which among the following treaties pertains to protection of the Olympic Symbol?

7. According to latest Economic Census released by National Statistical Association, which state has emerged top among states having more household enterprises?

8. Which among the following countries is not a member of 'Pacific Alliance' trade bloc?

9. The 'NuSTAR' is a space based X-ray telescope designed by NASA to study ________?

10. The Kholongchu Hydropower Project is a joint venture project between the two companies of India and ________?

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