General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. Which among the following movies has won the top Palme d'Or award for best film at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival?

2. Which among the following states have successfully implemented the 'Jyotirgram Yojana' by electrification of 18,000 villages and supply of power to the remotest locations of the state?

3. Which among the following is NOT a famous architecture prize?

4. The corporate headquarter of which among the following organizations is known as 'One Earth'?

5. In 2014, which one of the following countries has launched the 'Operation Barkhane' a counter terrorism operation in against Islamist militant in Northern Africa?

6. As per the latest report, which among the following is the least urbanised state in the country?

7. In 2014, which of the following actors ancestral home in Pakistan has been declared national heritage?

8. In computer terminology DPI refers to: ________?

9. Who is the first Indian woman to scale the highest peak in all continents?

10. Rolene Strauss, who has been crowned as the 64th Miss World-2014, represents which one of the following countries?

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    Protecting data in transit

    Almost all Internet traffic is sent in the clear. This means that it can be read by software on any host computer through which the network packets are routed without having to be de crypted. This should be of little concern to most Internet users because most of the packets traveling on the Internet contain data that is not sensitive from the users viewpoint, and is of no interest to Internet attackers.Several types of information traveling across the network that are sensitive to users, and of interest to Internet attackers, are discussed in the following sections.

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