General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. For the first time, Kisan Vikas Patra was launched on ________?

2. Which of the following preservatives is most commonly used to preserve meat products?

3. The Chandyan village, where the remnants of late Harappan period house have been discovered in 2015 is located in ________?

4. Who is the chairman of the committee set to review Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) issues?

5. The in 2015 celebrated Godavari Maha Pushkaram occurs in the cycle of ________?

6. Which of the following two states of India have bus connectivity with Bangladesh currently (June 2015)?

7. What is India's per capita availability of milk in 2013-14?

8. Who is the chairman of the Panel set up to look into various contentious issues relating to inter-linking of rivers?

9. Which among the following pair has won Guangzhou Open Title-2015?

10. The global meet on 'countering violent extremism' was in 2015 concluded in which one of the following countries?

General Knowledge

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  • Essential Photography Tips

    Look at the eyes not around the eyes look at the eyes

    Ever wondered why so many magazines have faces on the cover? It s because we identify with such pictures, which in turn helps us identify with the magazine. Art editors know that our inclination is to connect with the eyes staring out of the cover, and the same is true of your portraits.

    When shooting a person, if only one part of your image is in focus, make it the eyes. That s the first place your audience will look. So long as they re in focus, they ll consider the whole image to be accurately shot, no matter how shallow your depth of field and how blurred the rest of the frame.The eyes are in focus in this shot, so we read it as being accurately focused overall.

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