General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. As per in 2015 released Red List of IUCN which of the following species has been classified as an endangered animal?

2. Which of the following states is the first to join the UDAY scheme of union government?

3. Who is the Chairman of Kendriya Hindi Samiti?

4. In which among the following sectors, 100% FDI is allowed under automatic route in India?

5. The Champions of the Earth award is the highest environmental award given by which organization?

6. What is the average Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of normal persons?

7. Who is appointed as MD of Oxford University Press India (OUPI)?

8. Which of the following countries has been hit by the powerful Typhoon Melor, in 2015?

9. Which of the following automaker is in news for emission cheating scandal?

10. James Salter, who died in 2015, was an American ________?

General Knowledge

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    Feeling less guilty when a host makes you your own special vegetarian entree

    The image in the picture shows a display of a vegetarian delicacy. From the looks of it the item seems to have been carefully prepared as the spoon glides over the dish pouring the red sauce on the items placed uniformly in a glass bowl. The caption suggests that this is a vegetarian dish prepared by a host especially for a vegetarian guest. Although it may seem impolite for a host having to go out of their way to prepare something extra for the odd one out, vegetarians don t exactly seem to mind. They would not regret having their host prepare extra food because that would suit them just fine.

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