General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which of the following cities has been named as the World Book Capital for 2017?

2. Who among the following personalities bestowed with the 2015 Gujar Mal Modi Award in 2015?

3. Who has in 2015 become the second Indian to be inducted in the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Elite Panel of Umpires?

4. Green bonds are what type of financial instruments?

5. Which one of the following is the most widely produced Cacao variety in the world?

6. Michael Raupach, who passed away in 2015, was a renowned climate scientist from which country?

7. Who is author of the book 'Nehru: A Troubled Legacy'?

8. Who is the chairman of a governing council formed to oversee the activities of the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund ( NIIF )?

9. Irwin Rose, who died in 2015, was a Nobel Prize winner in which field?

10. Which state of India is considered as cradle of modern Polo?

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