General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2016

1. What is the strike range of Prithvi-II missile, which was in 2016 successfully test-fired by India?

2. Who has won the 2016 William E. Colby Award for best military book?

3. What is the theme of the first-ever "National Yoga Olympiad", which has been organized by the NCERT?

4. Which of the following committee is related to rejuvenation of Godavari river?

5. "IT Innovation Start-up Fund" has been launched by which Indian bank to invest in financial technology startups?

6. Which team has won 2016 Irani Cup Cricket Title?

7. India's first AYUSH university will be set up in which state of India?

8. The 2016 National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championships has started in which city of India?

9. Which of the following countries has in 2016 joined the Hague Code of Conduct (HCoC), a global initiative to prevent ballistic missile proliferation?

10. The 2016 Outreach International Radio Fair has been held in which city of India?

General Knowledge

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