General Science

1. A tennis ball bounces higher on hills than on planes. Why ?

2. A lump of ice floaft In a vessel of ice-cold water. How the level of water will be affected when ice melts completely?

3. How the weight of a body changes when it is brought to the mom"s surface from earth ?

4. Why does a thermos flask keep cold liquid cold and belt liquid hot

5. Why does a cheap clock lose time in summer ?

6. Why water pipes are in danger of bursting in extremely cold weather ?

7. What is the shape ofwater meniscus in a glass capillary tube ?

8. Why cooking is quicker in a pressure cooker ?

9. How the mass of a body changes when it is brought to the moon's surface from earth ?

10. The energy possessed by a body, due to its motion, is known as

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    Traditional fervour marks Nag Panchami

    A large number of devotees visited various temples of Lord Shiva on the occasion of Nag Panchami on Monday. This festival is considered as most sacred in the holy month of Shrawan. It is mainly celebrated in UP and Bihar. Hundreds of devotees made a beeline in front of temples since morning while many thronged Ganga ghats to take a holy dip. People believed that pleasing the assets of Lord Shiva, especially snakes and Ganga get them closer to Him. Hundreds of worshippers also took part in Ganga aarti. Devotees pleased Shiv by offering bel patri, milk and dhatoora to Shiva linga. The temples were specially decorated for the festival.

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