General Science

1. Which of the following statements is true about Cryogenics ?

2. In the human body, water is' required to

3. Why water boils below IOOT at higher altitudes ?

4. Why water gets cooled in an earthen pitcher ?

5. A faulty diet decreases

6. Iron is one of the most important minerals required for formation of blood pigment, haemoglobin. Its deficiency results in anaemia, which is characterised by

7. Why is the chimney, used in factories, made tall ?

8. Vitamin B-complex is a group of vitamins which are water soluble. It includes

9. Maximum rate of growth and development is during

10. Deficiency of protein and energy, usually occurs during first year of life, is caused by feeding dilute and unhygienic formula, is called marasmus. This is characterised by

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