General Science

1. Vegetable proteins are not of very good quality because these lack some essential amino acids. But their quality can be improved by supplementation. Therefore the best combination can be

2. Which is the rich source of vitamin B-complex ?

3. Breakhown of food nutrients into their Simpler units for better absorption and utilization, is brought about by

4. A diet which contains lots of fat stays for a ... time in the stomach.

5. Which of the following food items is absorbed in the stomach ?

6. Cooked egg is better than raw egg because

7. Calcium and phosphorus are mainly found in

8. To make food more palatable and'digestible avoid

9. 'Colostrum' is the thick fluid secreted by mammary glands for first few days just after delivery. This should be fed to the youngone because it is a rich source of

10. Vitamin D is eisential for formation of skelton alongwith calcium and phosphorus. Its best source is

General Knowledge

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