General Science

1. Which of the following expands the most ?

2. Which of the following diseases is caused by insufficiency of insulin ?

3. Which of the following is ductless gland ?

4. Which of the following devices converts mechanical energy into, electrical energy ?

5. How would you distinguish between bleeding from arteryanct bleeding from vein ?

6. Why nature has given us two eyes and not one ?

7. What is acupuncture ?

8. How many red blood cells are contained in one cubic millimetre of blood ?

9. Name the substance produced in the blood to counteract the effect of infection or poison.

10. Which of the following is veneral disease ?

General Knowledge

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    A pulse sometimes called a grain legume, is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod. Pulses are used for food for humans and other animals. Included in the pulses are. dry beans like pinto beans, kidney beans and navy beans; dry peas; lentils; and others. Like many leguminous crops, pulses play a key role in crop rotation due to their ability to fix nitrogen. To support the awareness on this matter, the United Nations declared 2016 the UN International Year of Pulses.The words bean, lentil, and pulse may refer to just the seed or to the entire plant.

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