Geography of India [Physical, Economic and Social]

1. Which of the following factors is favourable for the ricp crop ?

2. Which of thefiollowing States is in the Wet Zone ?

3. Which of thefollowing types ofsoil is found in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka ?

4. Into how many zones, India can be divided according to rainfall ?

5. Which park is situated in the foothills of Himalayas (U-P) and is named in memory of a well-known sportsman and writer ?

6. Which of the following statements is true ?

7. Which of the following National Parks is in Bilsar ?

8. What is the number of tiger reserves in India under the 'Project Tiger' ?

9. Which of the following is not a Rabi Crop ?

10. In which sanctuary, migratory'hirds can be seen from November to February ? An international conference of the ornithologists was also held there in 1976.

General Knowledge

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