Geography of India [Physical, Economic and Social]

1. In the year 1976, Miaulana Bbashani of Bangladesh organised a peace march. Which of the following came into limelight on account of this march ?

2. Name the project which has tried to utilise the waters of river Beas.

3. Which project has been located on the river Ravi ?

4. Which dam has been built on the river Beas ?

5. Which of the following projects is a joint undertaking of the Governments of Andhra and Orissa ?

6. Which of the following projects is a joint under' taking of the Governments of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh ?

7. Under the Indus Water Treaty in 1960, India and Pakistan agreed on the distribution of five rivers of (pre-partition) Punjab. Which of the following rivers was secured for exclusive use of India ?

8. Which of the'following statements is true about the' Nagarjuniasagar Project ?

9. Which of the following countries once offered to set up a big atomic power plant in India but the offer was not accepted by the Goverment of India ?

10. Which of the following statements is correct about diamonds ?

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