General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. When it is 12 Noon at Greenwich, what is the time at New York (74 degree west)?

2. Trade winds blow in the norhtern hemisphere from

3. Which one of the following Indian States leads in the production of rubber?

4. Which one of the following topographic units receives the first monsoon in summer?

5. Pak strait joins which of the following two countries -

6. India will host the 58th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Hyderabad in September 2007. The theme of the Congress is

7. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (Name of the Mountain Range -- Location in the Himalayas)

8. Osaka (japan) is known as the

9. Which State of India has the highest population density?

10. Most of the weather phenomena take place in the -

General Knowledge

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