General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. Adam's bridge connects

2. Which of the following mountain passes lies outside India?

3. Ozone gets depleted in the stratosphere due to the presence of:

4. The states of India having common border with Myanmar are

5. The world's highest hydel power project 'Rongtong' is located in

6. The most important navigable river in Central Europe that provides a link between nine countries-Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Yugoslavia is

7. The most salty sea in the world is the

8. The Union Territory possesses a coastal stretch of about 45 km with 28 marine fishing villages. However 45% of the population is engaged in agriculture and allied products. Which among the following union Territories is referred to in the above passage

9. Moon shaped sand dunes, formed by wind action are called

10. Which of the following is called the 'Gateway to the Pacific'?

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