General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Pratham the first animal born in 1990 by the IVF ( In vitro Fertilization ) at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal was a ________ ?

2. With which of the following AWGLCA & AWGKP are related?

3. Which among the following correctly represents a Parsec?

4. In context with the Environment, the price charged to deliver municipal solid waste to a landfill, waste-to-energy facility, or recycling facility is known as ______?

5. For how many hours in a day , the people of Norway experience Sunlight from late May to late July?

6. Recently (in year 2010) NREGA has completed 4 years, as the act was passed in 2005 and scheme started working in February 2006. In these 4 years its has attracted both enthusiasts and doubters. From the given options please find out one of the NREGA jobs which has absorbed almost half of the financial outlays of the scheme but has attracted maximum doubters ?

7. In context with the history of Jammu & Kashmir who among the following had written "Rajavalipataka"?

8. Which among the following characterizes Yellow Journalism ?

9. Which among the following can be used as a preservative in Tomato Juice?

10. Arrange Radio, Television , Films & Print Media In their sequence of arrival in India?

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