General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which of the following North east states Kopoli hydro project is located?

2. Which of the following part of the body stores Vitamin A, Vitamin D as well as Vitamin B12?

3. Which among the following article is specifically excluded from the purview of the procedure of amendment as prescribed in Article 368?

4. The Red color of Red wine is mainly because of _____?

5. As the January 31, 2010 deadline came to an end, all the key countries, including India, China, US and the European Union, have formally ‘associated’ themselves with the Copenhagen Accord and put on record the actions they intend to take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is being taken as a first task towards a comprehensive global agreement on climate change in a summit coming up on 2010 at which of the following places?

6. Which among the following part of Bombay (now Mumbai) is known as Old Woman's Island?

7. Bt Cotton has been credited with turning India from a cotton importer to the world’s second largest producer of the cash crop after China. However recently (in year 2010) we read some reports in the news papers that Bt cotton is no longer resistant to an evolving pest. (These reports are not confirmed yet and it seems to be premature to say so). Bt Cotton accounts for approximately what fraction of India's Total Cotton Production?

8. Schengen Area comprises the territories of 25 European countries that have implemented an agreement signed in Schengen, Luxembourg , in 1985. How many countries are members of the Schengen area, but not part of the European Union ?

9. In which state is located Bhor Ghat, which was an important trade route in the past and was one of the three main ghats developed by the Satavahanas to move the goods from the merchant ships from Syria and Egypt to their capital Paithan?

10. Which among the following compound of barium is used as radio contrast agent for X-ray imaging and other diagnostic procedures and also commonly called as Barium Food?

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