General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following African country has been traditionally a center of ethnic conflicts between Hutus & Tutsi ethnic groups?

2. On which date of December we observe Minorities Rights Day ?

3. Consider the following committee's role played in the genesis of the given programmes:
1. Lead Bank Scheme - Narsimaham Committee
2. SHG-Bank Linkage - S K Kalia Committee
Which among the above is/ are correct?

4. David Lloyd Johnston is the new Governor General of which of the following countries ?

5. Consider the following:
1. Citizens of Bhutan
2. Citizens of Pakistan
3. Citizens of Bangladesh
4. Citizens of Nepal
Who among the above can invest in India under the extant FDI policy , "Only Under the Government Route" ?

6. One of our Prime Ministers , Mr. IK Gujral had propounded a doctrine in early nineties which has come to be known as "Gujral Doctrine". Which among the following statements gives an economic essence of Gujral Doctrine?

7. Schengen Area comprises the territories of 25 European countries that have implemented an agreement signed in Schengen, Luxembourg , in 1985. How many countries are members of the Schengen area, but not part of the European Union ?

8. Who among the following introduced Kabuliyat and Patta?

9. What is the purpose of Focus LAC scheme?

10. In which state is located Bhor Ghat, which was an important trade route in the past and was one of the three main ghats developed by the Satavahanas to move the goods from the merchant ships from Syria and Egypt to their capital Paithan?

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