General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which of the following Tulsi Tanti is well known for?

2. Ashtadhyayi, Mahabhasya & Nirkuta are related to which of the following ?

3. Which among the following is a correct statement regarding powers of President of India:

4. Which among the following is India's largest wildlife sanctuary?

5. Recently (in year 2010) a tiny island known as New Moore island disappeared in the sea after many years of its creation. This island was claimed by which of the following two neighbors ?

6. One of the objectives of Mission Clean Ganga is to ensured that no untreated municipal sewage and industrial effluents flow into the river. Which year has been fixed as a deadline t o achieve this objective?

7. Niska was used as a medium of exchange, in which of the following periods?

8. In context with the electricity generation in India, what is country's target of capacity addition to be achieved for 11th plan?

9. Which among the following rivers does not originate in India?

10. Which among the following country is not a member of European Free Trade Association (EFTA)?

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