General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. In which of the following countries, Mango Cooperative Programme is being carried out in collaboration with United Nations Development programme to eradicate poverty?

2. Which among the following is the most densely populated country in South Asia ?

3. Which of the following rights deal with freedom of religion ?

4. Consider the following states:
1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Bihar
3. Rajasthan
4. West Bengal
5. Andhra Pradesh
3. How many states in the above group are having bicameral legislatures?

5. In India the infant mortality rate (IMR) per 1,000 live births was 80 in 1990. This dropped to 66 in 2000. India still has to go a long way to proportionate the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) target of Infant Mortality Rate. What is Millennium Development Goals (MDG) target to be achieved ?

6. In which state are located the famous Brindavan Gardens ?

7. What is RuBisCO?

8. Which among the following is essentially a debt under the seal of a company ?

9. On bank of which of the following Mahé, officially a part of Pondicherry is located?

10. Which among the following protocols is known to have ended the Civil War in Angola?

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