General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following is not a correctly matched capital?

2. What kind of emergency in India has been imposed for maximum times?

3. Recently (in year 2010) which of the following airports of India, was rated world's number one airport in the category of airports handling 5 to 15 million passengers by the Airport Council International?

4. In which of the following universities is being set up "National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Zone Management" under the World Bank assisted Integrated Coastal Zone Management project?

5. Who among the following nominates the chairman of Public Accounts committee of India?

6. Which article of the constitution of India lays down the procedure for impeachment of the President?

7. Bring out the word/ phrase which is not a Palindrome?

8. Which among the following is essential gene material ?

9. What do we call a situation, when the Government meets the gap of the public expenditure and public revenue by printing new currency ?

10. Which among the following songs lost to the Academy Award for Best Original Song "Jai Ho" of A R Rahaman at the 81st Academy Awards?

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