General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. What fraction of Body's calcium is stored in Bones and teeth?

2. Causing agent of which of the following disease produces Integrase enzyme?

3. How many blocks from the 10 sedimentary basins are on the offer in the 9th NELP round?

4. Which among the following mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games was a mythical sea bear?

5. Who among the following was the chairman of Second Administrative Reforms Commission?

6. Many a times we read in the financial newspapers about BPLR rates. Which among the following is a correct expansion of BPLR?

7. As per Indian Mythology , Dhumravarna is an incarnation or avatara of _______?

8. Who among the following is known to have put forward the idea of Constituent assembly?

9. Who among the following has written "Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto", the official theme song of Commonwealth Games?

10. In which year Treaty of Amritsar was signed between Ranjit Singh and East India Company?

General Knowledge

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