General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Who among the following is India's National Security Advisor?

2. Battle of Talikota resulted in the end of which of the following?

3. Which among the following statement is correct?

4. In which year the Consumer protection act was implemented in India?

5. All those laws that were in force immediately before the enactment of the constitution shall be void to the extent of inconsistency with the fundamental rights. Essence of Article 13(1) which quotes this can be placed under which of the following?

6. Consider the following statements regarding Rural Non Farm Sector (RNFS) in India:
1. Rural Non Farm Sector (RNFS) provides alternative employment and income generation opportunities in rural areas
2. Rural Non Farm Sector (RNFS) covers all the activities in the primary sector of Indian Economy
3. Rural Non Farm Sector (RNFS) is now in NABARD's list to provide credit
Which among the above statements are correct

7. Which among the following acts of United states is known to be prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin by federal and state governments as well as some public places ?

8. Recently (in year 2010) , the National Advisory Council was in news as the UPA Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi was renamed the chairperson of NAC. Which among the following programme was the brainchild of National Advisory Council?

9. South East Ridge route is a climbing route to which of the following peaks?

10. To encourage the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Major Ports FDI up to what ceiling is permitted in India for construction and maintenance of ports and harbors?

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