General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Recently (in year 2010) , a village Porunthal came into the news as archeological excavations have established it one of the largest glass bead-manufacturing site in southern India dating back to 2nd century BC to 1st century AD. In which state is located Porunthal?

2. Who among the following is known to oppose the Age of consent bill ?

3. From the given options A to E , please find out the one which is not an objective of a central Bank of a country?

4. Gathas are most sacred of the texts of which of the following faiths?

5. The need for ships to round the Cape Horn was greatly reduced by the opening of which of the following canals?

6. Due to whose pressure, Jahangir did not give permission to Captain Hawkins to establish a factory in India?

7. Whose concept was French East India Company?

8. What is the current number of Rajya sabha members in India belonging to Indian National Congress?

9. Cinder cone is a phenomenon related to which of the following ?

10. Who among the following was the chairman of Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (CFSA), which submitted its report in first half of 2009?

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