General Knowledge - Biology

1. Which of the following parts of the poppy plant is used for the extraction of opium ?

2. Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characters was challenged by

3. The tallest tree in the world is

4. The characteristic feature of virus is

5. Darwin's theory of natural selection involves:

6. The theory which advocates that living beings can arise only from other living beings is termed

7. Which one among the following kinds of organisms resides in the roots of pulse plants to do nitrogen fixation?

8. A firm believer of Special Creation theory was

9. A person having AB-group of blood to donate a person having

10. With reference to the work of human kidney, consider the following statement: 1. After the waste is remove in the kidney, the clear blood is sent back through renal artery. 2. From Bowman's capsule, the filtered liquid passes through tiny tubes where much of the gluclose is reabsorbed and sent back to the blood in the renal vein. Which of the following is/are correct ?

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