General Knowledge - Computer Questions

1. The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in terms of Kilobytes or Megabytes. A byte is made up of

2. A characteristic of card system is

3. Which one of the following is not a computer language?

4. Silicon Valley of India is located in

5. Which one of the following is a stored program machine?

6. MS-DOS is the name of a/an

7. A computer programmer

8. Which of the following is true?

9. For reproducing sound, a CD (Compact Disc) audio player uses a

10. Pickup wrong definition

General Knowledge

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  • Top Cricket Stadiums in the world

    Karachi Cricket Stadium

    Location Karachi, Pakistan
    Capacity 34,000
    Built 1955
    Teams Karachi, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan
    Pakistans current home game embargo has unfortunately removed the fervent melting pot that is the National Stadium from the international circuit.
    A fortress for Pakistan, who have lost just two Tests here, the ground played host to Mohammad Younis scoring his record breaking ninth century in a single calendar year.
    The field of play is pleasingly circular but a closer inspection reveals dilapidated stands, leaking roofs, rusting seats and crumbling concrete staircases.

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