GK - Economics Test - 02

1. The slope of an indifference curve represents the

2. Which of the following commodity groups is/are considered for working out average index ?
(i) Fuel groups
(ii) Primary articles
(iii) Manufactured products

3. Slationalisation or public control of an industry is often supported by economists because

4. A producer under monopolistic advertises his product so that it can

5. Under perfect competition and liorl run, a firm would continue to produce, provided

6. Development means economic growth plus

7. If income is below equilibrium

8. The open market operations refer to the sale and purchase by the RBI of

9. Which of the following holders fo a company's issued capital is likely to receive the biggest increase in income if there is a substantial increase in profits ?

10. In a capitalist economy, the pattern of output is determined

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