General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. The doctrine of Pleasure tenure of the 'Civil Servants' has been Incorporated from the Constitution of

2. The Kelkar proposals were

3. Which on of the following authorities has the power to prescribe the tenure of office of the Chief Election Commissioner?

4. Which one of the following is correct about the expenses of a State Public Service Commission?

5. Which amendment of the constitution deals with the Scheduled Tribes and the other Forest Dwellers Rights Act 2005 ?

6. The Concept of 'Popular Sovereignty' refers to the power of the

7. Attorney General of India is Appointed by

8. Which one of the following High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

9. The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, whose permission is required for cultivation of any genetically modified crop such as Bt-Cotton in India, is under the union ministry of

10. Under the Indian Constitution, it is whose function to see that no money is spent out of the Consolidate Fund of the state without the authority of the legislature?

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