General Knowledge - Physics

1. A falling drop of rain water acquires the spherical shape due to

2. A hollow cylindrical rod is filled with air, to make it a resonance column. To produce a wave of length 48 cm the minimum length of rod should be

3. What is the proper use of signal generator?

4. Germanium possesses -

5. Which of the following light waves is outside the visible spectrum?

6. There is 20 volt accross the inductor and 15 volt across the resistance in the a.c. supplied series R-L circuit. What would be the supply voltage?

7. An object is placed between the pole of concave mirror and the focus of the mirror, the image formed will be

8. Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is available only to Citizens in India?

9. The criminal Procedure Code(Amendment) Act 2008 came into effect in

10. What is the value of knee voltage of silicon diode?

General Knowledge

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