General Knowledge - Physics

1. A boy has five resistance of 1/5 ohm each. The maximum resistance that can be formed with them is

2. What is the unit of electrical energy?

3. When 1 litre of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be

4. Which of the following is not a property of difference amplifier?

5. What are Ferrites?

6. In an atom no two electrons have all the four quantum numbers identical. This is known as

7. A body is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 100 m/sec. While coming back on ground, its speed at starting point will be

8. In case of ball bearings, which part is made harder than others -

9. A hollow cylindrical rod is filled with air, to make it a resonance column. To produce a wave of length 48 cm the minimum length of rod should be

10. Selectivity of the receiver can be increased by which of the following?

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