General Knowledge - Physics

1. There is 20 volt accross the inductor and 15 volt across the resistance in the a.c. supplied series R-L circuit. What would be the supply voltage?

2. In an atom no two electrons have all the four quantum numbers identical. This is known as

3. The Provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made under -

4. When 1 litre of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be

5. A. C. servomotor is basically a/an ...

6. Selectivity of the receiver can be increased by which of the following?

7. How will a red flower appear, if it is seen through a green glass?

8. Each of 3 capacitors of capacity C are connected together in series. This combination is added in paralled to a capacitor of capacity C. Resultant capacity will be

9. What is the S. I. unit of magnetic flux density?

10. What is the power factor of a pure resistor circuit?

General Knowledge

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