General Knowledge - Political Science

1. Which of the following antibiotic drug used extensively to treat cattle in India is found to be the main culprint of vanishing 99% population of India vultures -

2. Pokharan II took place on

3. Which one of the following is not a natural right, according to Locke?

4. The most acceptable theory of the origin of the state is-

5. With the help of the following code give the proper sequence of different stages in Locke's social contract-
i) Civil society
iii) State of nature
iv) Social contract

6. What is clickjacking?

7. Solar-B satellite to study the sun has been launched by

8. Which of the following is not a constitutional organ?

9. The deepest location on the earth's surface on record is about 11.034 km beneath the sea level. It is located in -

10. 'The reason why men enter into civil society is the preservation of their property'.who said this?

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