General Knowledge - Political Science

1. When a magnetic needle is placed at a neutral point, it turns

2. Who said that Directive Principles are "aimed at furthering the goals of the social revolution or to foster this revolution by establishing the conditions necessary for its achievement"?

3. Arrange the following in the same order as they figure in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution-
iv) Secular

4. 'The reason why men enter into civil society is the preservation of their property'.who said this?

5. In the theory of the origin of the state political consciousness is a factor in the

6. A socialist state lays emphasis on

7. The constitutional validity of a state-law in India may be challenged -

8. Which one of the following scientists was not associated with the wheat hybridization programme in India?

9. The acronym STD written on Telephone booth stands for

10. The concept of Natural Right is associated with the name of

General Knowledge

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