History of India

1. A king walked three times round the bed of his son and prayed, "Grant the life of my son and take my life instead". Who was that king ?

2. Which of the following places was ruled by Babar ?

3. Who defeated Humayun and occupied the Mughal territory ?

4. Nicolo Conti, an Italian traveller, visited

5. Fierce wars were waged, by Bahmani rulers, against the Hindu rulers of

6. Which of the following statements, about the nobles of the court of Bahmani Sultan, is incorrect ?

7. Which of the following statements, about Babar, is true ?

8. Which of the following was the consequence of the Third Baffle of Panipat fought in the year AD 1761 ?

9. Bhakti Movement was a socio-religious movement in India. The exponents of this movement were Guru Nanak, Kabir, Chaitanya, Tukaram, Ram Das, Ramanand and Namdeva. The aim of this move ment was to

10. Where did Babar die ?

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