History of India

1. Nicolo Conti, an Italian traveller, visited

2. Who defeated Humayun and occupied the Mughal territory ?

3. The First Battle of Panipat was fought between

4. In which century Bahmani Kingdom prospered ?

5. Which of the following places was ruled by Babar ?

6. Fierce wars were waged, by Bahmani rulers, against the Hindu rulers of

7. A king walked three times round the bed of his son and prayed, "Grant the life of my son and take my life instead". Who was that king ?

8. Which of the following was built,by Feroze Tughlaq ?

9. Which of the following statements, about the nobles of the court of Bahmani Sultan, is incorrect ?

10. Which of the following rulers of Vijayanagar Kingdom had to give his daughter in marriage to his successful enemy ?

General Knowledge

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