General Knowledge - History of India

1. In his autobiography, Babur has given less details about which of the following?

2. Who among the following wrote Prithviraja Raso?

3. Who among the successors of Shivaji, was imprisoned for a long period by Aurangzeb?

4. Who created the new state of Kashmir, indipendent of the Sikh Kingdom?

5. Over Which territory there were frequent clashes between Bahamani Kingdom and Vijaynagar Kingdom?

6. Who put an end to the system of Dual Government in Bengal?

7. The disput of internal trade between which Nawab of Bengal and the East India Company brought about a war like situation?

8. What was Gandhiji's view regarding the VArna System?

9. What situation gave an opportunity to Warren Hastings to intervene in Maratha politics?

10. Who were the signatories to the Treaty of Purandar(1665)?

General Knowledge

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