General Knowledge - History of India

1. During the Mughal period, which one of the following traders were the first to come to India?

2. The capital of the Pallava kings was

3. Why Indian kings were called the kings of wisdom?

4. The most important kingdom in Deccan and Central India after the Mauryas was the

5. The most famous stupa built by the Shailendras is located at -

6. The most magnificent of Shajahan's buildings is

7. The battle at Waihind in 1008-09 A.D was fought between

8. In ancient peninsular India, who among the following assumed the title 'Vatapikonda'?

9. The British were able to conquer India in 18th century by

10. Which one of the following travelers is not associated with the description of the glories of Vijayanagar kingdom?

General Knowledge

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