Indian National Movement

1. Who founded the Indian National Congress ?

2. Why the Indian National Congress was founded ?

3. Which of the following was the cause of First War of Indiam Independence ?

4. How the First World War helped in the Growth of Nationalism in India ?

5. Which of the following statements, about the administration of Criminal Justice, is correct ?

6. What was the attitude of British Rulers towards the founding of the Indian National Congress ?

7. Which of the following reasons was advanced, by Lord Curzon, for partitioning Bengal ?

8. Which of the following called the Congress a microscopic minority' ?

9. The British built a network of Communications and Transportations for

10. Which of the following leaders was delported, in May 1907, under the Regulation III of 1818 ?

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  • Teachers Day

    Teachers Day Films

    Cinema has touched every aspect of our life and, including the teacherstudent bonding. There are many different shades to a teacherstudent relationship and it has been beautifully portrayed by films based exclusively on teachers. We continue to draw inspiration and feel touched by some of most poignant scenes in the famous movies on teachers and students. Directors have attached due importance to this subject and has treated it with utmost honesty. In short, we can say that the world of cinema has made an enormous contribution, in its own right, to the special occasion of Teachers day.

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