Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following was not common between the Revolutition~aries and the Terrorists ?

2. What was the main demand of Home Rule League ?

3. Which of the following nationalist leaders died as a result of the injuries suffered in a 'lathi' charge when he led a protest procession against the Simon Commission ?

4. What was the effect of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ?

5. Which of the following statements, about high administrative jobs, t 9 is correc .

6. Which of the following Acts/Ordinances was passed by the Government to curb the Extremist Movement ?

7. Why Gandhi went to Champaran (in Bihar) in April, 1917 ?

8. Which of the following natural calamities occured in 1918-19 ?

9. Which of 'the following is not true of the Terrorists ?

10. Which of the following was included in the Minto-Morley Reforms, 1909 ?

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