Indian National Movement

1. Who was the leader of Swarajist Party in Central Legislative Assembly ?

2. How the Congress leaders reacted to the suspension of Civil Disobedience Movement?

3. Which of the following statements, about the elections of 1923, is true ?

4. Which of the following works was done by the Swarajist Party in the Legislatures ?

5. Which of the following was the most important gain of non-cooper-ation movement ?

6. What important decision was taken at the Ahmedabad Session of* Congress in December, 1921 ?

7. What was the attitude of the Congress towards the action of Ali brothers in leading Moplah Revolt ?

8. Why Dyarchy was a complete failure, from 1924 to 1926, in Bengal and Central Provinces ?

9. Which of the following lawyers left the bar to participate in the non-cooperation movement ?

10. On July 7, 1925 Lord Birkenhead challenged the Indian leaders to draft a Constitution which would be acceptable to all shades of political opinion in India. He repeated this challenge, in 1927, in the House of Lords. How the Indian leaders reacted to this .challenge ?

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