Indian National Movement

1. What was the important announcement made by Lord Linlithgow to win the favour of Indians ?

2. Which of the following was proposed, by Muslim League, to be included in the Pakistan ?

3. Which of the following was not the Cripps' Proposals ?

4. Which of the following was the effect of resignation of Congress Ministries ?

5. Which of the following was the 'finding' of Lord Linlithgow Com- mittee ?

6. Which of the following proved to be a major setback to the Civil Disobedience Movement ?

7. In the year 1940, Muslim League held its Session at Lahore and passed a resolution demanding

8. How the Indian National Congress reacted to, Communal Award ?

9. Which of the following was the defect in the Cripps' Proposals ?

10. Which of the following statements, about the Third Round Table Conference, is correct ?

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