Structure of the Indian Economy (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. The Narasimham Committee for financial sector Reforms has suggested reduction in [1995]

2. The current Price Index (base 1960) is nearly 330. This means that the price of: [1998]

3. National Income is: [1997]

4. Consider the following statements about the'megacities of India: [2000]
1. Population of each megacity is more than 5 million
2. All the megacities are important sea ports
3. Megacities are either national or state capitals
Which of these statements are correct?

5. Assertion (A): Fiscal deficit is greater than budgetary deficit. Reason (R): Fiscal deficit is the borrowing from the Reserve Bank of India plus other liabilities of the Government to meet its expenditure. [1999]

6. The supply-side economics lays greater emphasis on the point of view of: [1998]

7. As per the 1991 Census, which one of the following states has a lower population density than the other three? [1996]

8. In India, inflation is measured by the: [1997]

9. One of the important goals of the economic liberalisation policy is to achieve full convertibility of the Indian rupee. This is being advocated because: [1996]

10. Which one of the following ports of India handles the highest tonnage of import cargo? [2000]

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